Our inspirations

Matt's journey

Matt, the founder of Heal Tribe spent 10 years battling chronic pain. His story is similar to the almost universal narrative shared during the 40 hours of patient interviews conducted while researching the venture:

Pain develops.
See family doctor.
Conservative treatment fails.
See specialist.
Try medication.
Get tests.
Go to physical therapy.
See five more specialists.
Try 5 more medications.
Get 5 more tests.
Get surgery.
Get referred to pain management clinic.
Get prescribed opioids.
Become dependent on opioids.

Eventually Matt found his way to an interdisciplinary group visit approach that included pain education, therapy, meditation, and most importantly hope. Now he is healthy, married, and the father of 2 beautiful children. He is back to doing the things he loves including traveling and being an IRONMAN triathlete.

HealTribe is born out of a desire to move holistic pain treatment more accessible, proactive, and mainstream.

Craig's Big Idea

Matt lost his father-in-law, Craig, to suicide after a battle with depression.

Craig was a lover of "big ideas" lists. The last Big Ideas list he wrote surrounded "Disrupting the way medical care is provided." He wrote of focusing on prevention, mental health, and personal attention.

His idea is our aim.