Our love letter to Target.

Our love letter to Target.

If Joypops could pick an Avengers team of iconic brand heroes Target would be our Tony Stark. In setting out to create a wellness app our aim is simple: to help people discover joy in everyday life. When reflecting on writing a post professing my love for all things Target I decided to look up their mission statement. Wouldn’t you know it Target: to help all families discover the joy of everyday life.”

Wal-Mart’s stated mission statement on the other hand? Your neighborhood store. With high-quality merchandise. And friendly service. And Every Day Low Prices. And the best shopping experience on the Internet. And a place where the customer is always right. And convenient hours.

Take 30 seconds and envision the felt sense of a trip to Target. Take another 30 seconds and envision the felt sense of a trip to Wal Mart. Apologies for putting you through the back half of that exercise, but the point needed to be crystallized. Despite the two companies essentially offering the same products Target comes away feeling like every thirty-something’s indulgent treat whereas Wal Mart manages to somehow achieve the difficult task of consistently both overwhelming and underwhelming. Sure, Target offers a marginally higher quality for a marginally higher price. But I wager to guess the felt sense of Target you conjured was not the bliss of a higher quality sock tread. It was the bright colors. The cute little spotted dog fella. The easily accessible Starbucks (and accompanying shopping cart cup holder). That oddly comforting Target scent. The Chip and JoAnna Gaines table settings. You get the idea.

What does any of this have to do with a fledgling idea for a wellness app. In our opinion, in an aim to maximize their user base, too many wellness apps give the felt sense of Wal Mart. Open the Calm app and immediately cue the oddly jarring sound of rain on a tin roof, hundreds of guided audio meditations all hocking their own perfected variety of bliss, an option for Matthew McConaughey to lull you to sleep and Lebron James to improve your life performance.

I do not pretend to suggest that Wal Mart is bad. It is a mega-profitable titan of industry that helps many. Similarly, I do not pretend to suggest that Calm app is bad. Just like Wal Mart, Calm helps millions. Literally. And that is great! But, at least for a sample size of myself, it can deliver a similar felt sense of overwhelm I feel when stepping in a Wal Mart.

Target’s mission statement is simply- help people discover joy in everyday life.

Same as ours.