Joy within arms reach.

Joy within arms reach.

In the meticulously curated world of Instagram I speak for myself when I say it is terribly tempting to conclude that the gateways for joy are cleverly hashtagged brunches downtown and sunsets pics from vacation at the beach. But if joy is limited to these types of moments it will be limited to the peak moments of your vacations and weekends. Much of life is not spent at the beach or at brunch. To cultivate sustained happiness we are have to look for joy in mundane moments on mundane Tuesdays. And slowly by slowly those moments become less mundane. Here's a couple of pops of joy sitting in front of me while typing this. At JoyPops we are spending the next four months listening to human beings describe what brings them joy and how an app could help. We would love to chat with you. If interested, please sign up to join our community at!

A fresh seltzer water.

seltzer water.jpg

A new pair of socks

new socks.jpg

Some peculiar little craft guy my daughter made me

strange little guy.jpg